We have been nominated for two CARTA Awards for Best Tarot Deck and Best Debut Artist!! Public voting will open soon.
Thanks to Lisa Papez for this WONDERFUL walkthrough and review of the deck on YouTube! 
What people are saying about The Entanglement Tarot
"[...] While this deck isn't ideal for beginners, I think it offers an opportunity to teach someone how to utilize visualization and storytelling with the technical aspects of tarot reading. I found the deconstruct imagery, color theory, and witch's ladder knot work to inspire an effortless flow with my readings. The spread layouts also created a pattern that helped me SEE how the cards were connected to one another and I found this to be an eye opening experience. I think the more one works with the Entanglement Tarot, they will find multiple uses for this amazing deck."
-- Review by Havana @sparkledivinetarot for @IndieDeckReview (3/11/22)​​​​​​​
"[...] What makes The Entanglement Tarot an uncommon Tarot deck is its ability to straddle the world of divination and the world of magical connection, ritual and empowerment.  Deliberately selecting appropriate cards (or asking the deck to provide cards) for a spell is akin to gathering correspondences, as the tokens and charms and symbols all lend themselves to magical workings.  Whether attempting to discover possible random connections within correspondences presented or performing a more traditional Tarot reading, The Entanglement Tarot takes both familiar and more unique symbols and creates a new and valuable perspective for any Tarot reading."
-- Review by Raushanna for PaganPages.Org (2/1/22)